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E-Commodity Bazaar is an e-marketplace established by the Izmir Commodity Exchange in order to promote the trading of agricultural and food products.


By this site, the important experience which the Izmir Commodity Exchange has acquired in the exchange of agricultural products for 125 years shall be combined with technology.


E-Commodity Bazaar allows member firms to display the goods they want to wholesale on the portal, and put the products they want to trade on auction and reverse auctions. 


Running with a closed membership system, the portal is a significant meeting point for the companies that seek new markets or want to trade agricultural and food products.


The mission of E-Commodity Bazaar, which does not stand a guarantor for the trading transactions to be conducted by the members, is to enhance the trading of agricultural and food products at international level and bring its members together. Seeking no profit at all, the E-Commodity Bazaar does not take any commission or obtain any material gain from the auctions to be held.


Many other products related to agriculture and foodstuffs may be added to the portal that has been originally designed for the wholesale of agricultural and food products.


E-Commodity Bazaar enables member firms to benefit from trade receivables insurance with favourable prices, through which they can query the commercial risk level of the counterparty firm that they want to do business with.


Offering the opportunity to trade with companies from all parts of the world, the portal also informs its members about the price movements of various commodities in different exchanges around the world with the information pages available on the portal.


In addition, the member firms are able to log in to portal services from mobile devices with iOS and Android applications.