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What is a Cookie?

A Cookie is a simple text file recorded to your computer or mobile device by a web site server. Only this server can access the content of the relevant cookie or read this information.

Each cookie is unique to your web browser. It contains anonymous information such as a unique identifier, site name and some numbers. It enables the web site to recall some items, for example, your preferences.

Cookies can be designated by the web site you are visiting (these are known as the ‘’first-party cookies’’) or the other web sites that offer contents on the page you are displaying (‘’third-party cookies’’).

The main objectives for cookies to be used by E-Commodity Bazaar Commodity Trading Portal  are listed below:
To develop the services offered to the users by enhancing the functionality and performance of E-Commodity Bazaar Commodity Trading Portal,
To present the Portal and new features over the Portal and to personalize the presented features according to preferences of the users,
To ensure legal and commercial safety of the portal and the users,
To use them within the scope of direct and indirect marketing activities,
Categories of the Cookies that are Used in E-Commodity Bazaar Commodity Trading Portal

Technical Cookies

By technical cookies, Portal’s operation is ensured, the pages and domains of the portal that do not work are detected.

Authentication Cookies

In case that visitors enter the portal by using their passwords, by such cookies, by designating that the visitor is a site user on each page he/she visits, it is prevented the user to enter his/her password on each page again and again.

Analytical Cookies

These are the cookies that enable the production of analytical results such as the numbers of the visitors that visited the portal, determination of the pages displayed in the Portal, Site visiting hours, internet site page sliding movements.

Can the use of Cookies be Prevented by Data Owners?

By changing the settings of your browser, you have the opportunity of personalizing your preferences about cookies.