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E-Commodity Bazaar shall not disclose the personal information transmitted to it by the users through electronic environment in the Commodity Trading Portal  to third parties outside the purposes and scope specified by the ‘’E-Commodity Bazaar Membership Agreement’’ it has executed with its members.

By filling the membership form that appears in the portal, the users are required to give some personal information about themselves (name-surname, company name, telephone, address, e-mail addresses etc.) to E-Commodity Bazaar. E-Commodity Bazaar may use the requested information outside the purposes and scope specified by the Membership Agreement also with the aim of doing direct marketing and analysis by E-Commodity Bazaar or by the firms it is in cooperation with. Personal information may also be used to establish contact with the user when necessary. The information requested by E-Commodity Bazaar or the information provided by the user or the information about the transactions made over E-Commodity Bazaar may also be used outside the purposes and scope specified by the ‘’E-Commodity Bazaar Membership Agreement’’ by E-Commodity Bazaar and the firms it is in cooperation with in various statistical evaluations, establishing database and market researches without disclosing the user’s identity. In the below-mentioned limited conditions, E-Commodity Bazaar may disclose the information belonging to the users to third parties outside the provisions of this ‘’Privacy Policy’’. These conditions, being in limited number are;
  • To obey the obligations imposed with the rules of law such as Laws, Decrees with Power of Law, Regulations etc. issued by the competent legal authority and are in force ;
  • With the aim of fulfilling the requirements of the ‘’E-Commodity Membership Agreement’’ concluded by E-Commodity Bazaar with the users and other agreements and to put these into practice;
  • In case of demand of information about the users for the purpose of conducting a duly carried out investigation or inquiry by the competent Administrative or Judicial authority ;
  • The conditions in which providing information is necessary to protect the rights and safety of the users.

E-Commodity Bazaar undertakes to hold private information absolutely confidential and secret, to assume this as a confidentiality obligation and to take all the necessary precautions and to exercise due diligence to ensure and to sustain confidentiality and to prevent the confidential information to fall into the public domain or its unauthorized use or disclosure to any third party either entirely or in any part thereof. E-Commodity Bazaar may amend the provisions of this ‘’Privacy Policy’’ at any time by publishing in the ‘’Portal’’. The Privacy Policy provisions amended by E-Commodity Bazaar come into force on the date published on the ‘’portal’’.