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Orfion Extra Virgin Olive Oil is delicious olive oil produced with the ripening of olives in the months of November-December. Because of the production period, with its pleasant aroma, it has a softer taste compared to the early harvest. With the aim of avoiding faults undesirable in olive oil and the loss of beneficial polyphenols, production variables were controlled carefully and it was produced by using the technique of cold-extraction through keeping the production temperature, one of the most important factors, at maximum 27C. This oil produced via using the technique of cold-extrusion is presented through packing to your order for better protection and longer life. This olive oil, which appeals to all taste buds, is appropriate to use in all your dishes.
Orfion Zeytinyağı - Orfion Olive Oil

Orfion Zeytinyağı - Orfion Olive Oil

Türkiye / Balikesir

Opening Date of This Store : 20.03.2017

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