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İzmir and Erzurum Commodity Exchanges sign a cooperation protocol for E-Commodity Bazaar
İzmir and Erzurum Commodity Exchanges sign a cooperation protocol for E-Commodity Bazaar 07.12.2016

İzmir Commodity Exchange (ICE) added a new one to the cooperation opportunities it seeks within the country and abroad to expand the service network of the E-Commodity Bazaar trading platform and signed a cooperation protocol with Erzurum Commodity Exchange (ECE) regarding the said commodity trading portal.

Evaluating the promotional activities carried out for E-Commodity Bazaar platform, Işınsu Kestelli, chairperson of the Board of Directors of the ICE, said, "We continue to work on the system and design development of E-Commodity Bazaar platform that has been established to increase the domestic and foreign trade capacities of the members of our Exchange. Increasing the number of portal members is also one of the main objectives of the works we carry out in this regard. We subject the applications made by the companies for the portal to evaluation and accept those that are admissible. However, our main goal is to increase the number of portal members by establishing corporate collaborations with domestic and foreign chambers and commodity exchanges. Within the scope of this goal, we have recently concluded a cooperation protocol with the Erzurum Commodity Exchange. Thanks to this protocol, we will be able to directly accept the membership applications of Erzurum Commodity Exchange member companies to E-Commodity Bazaar trading platform. As İzmir Commodity Exchange, we will increase our promotional activities and continue to seek more opportunities for cooperation in the coming days".

The chairperson of the Board of Directors of the ECE, İsmail Hakkı Hınıslıoğlu, on the other hand, expressed that Erzurum had an important agricultural production capacity in terms of cereals and livestock, and added, "E-Commodity Bazaar electronic commodity trading platform offers new business opportunities for member companies of our Exchange. Electronic trading is a must rather than a necessity today. In this sense, I believe that the cooperation we have established with İzmir Commodity Exchange will be very beneficial for our members in terms of the development and promotion of electronic trade."